EN – 10:40 variation IV


10:40 VARIATION IV  /  video out of analog photo negatives & sound, 2012

Variation IV uses the same selection of images as does Variation III, yet in an entirely different arrangement; contrasting the dynamic multiplicity of the former variation, it focuses on the spatial passivity of the horizontal single image, lending to it a presentation of a linear timeline. As in the previous three variations, the notes in the musical part were determined by the gray values, yet their timing was left to be freely arranged by me. The emphasis has then been laid on the layering of the notes: on their extended lengths, on their consonant and dissonant conjunctions, and on their eventual disappearance into silence. Here the visual and the auditory parts open yet more towards each other: the image is given a strong element of time, while the sound, through the prominence of its layered simultaneity, shares a character of space.
Video coming soon.

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