EN – 10:40


10:40  /  video out of analog photo negatives & sound, 2011-2012

In 10:40, an experimental project of four variations, the gray values of every static image are translated into single musical notes. The rhythm of change of the images and of the notes is determined by an elaborated structure of numerical values emanating as well from the gray values within the single images. The variations differ from one another through the use of distinct structures and through a particular application of each structure.
The images that make this work are analog photographs taken daily at the same hour and with the same camera settings for the duration of one year in Rovaniemi, Finland, a place in which light is a dominant aspect of everyday life. This work mirrors the changes occurring at this place – dynamics of the light, of the seasons. It draws attention to the finest and most fundamental elements of visual and auditory perception – light-dark and sound-silence – yet not as a contrasting dichotomies: it rather exposes and expresses the in-between. In this broader sense, it plays independent of place and time, and echoes a hymn to the obscurities of the gray.

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