EN – Forms of Vitality


FORMS OF VITALITY  /  monotypes, 2019

Our emotions, perceptions, thoughts, bodies and sensations express themselves to us through many forms of vitality. These are movements, shifts of intensities, shapes, directions, sizes, colors. Any expression is formed by them. They can be so subtle that we sometimes only perceive them unconsciously, but they have the power to create for us an atmosphere that can determine our attitude toward what we encounter, let it be a person, a place, an object. They lie within every moment of aliveness; and in every moment of stillness within the texture of aliveness.

The images above are trace monotypes of photographs of broken off branches and twigs that I’ve collected from the ground on my walks in the park or in the city. They may seem dead, but they too speak vitality.

The images are app. 40x50cm.
This series including its title is a reference to a concept developed and studied by developmental psychologist Daniel N. Stern.

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